Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Junior Advisement Meetings

Junior Advisement Meetings will start this week and go through December.  Parents were mailed a letter at the beginning of October with a specific appointment time for you and your student to come meet with your child's counselor.  These are quick 20-30 minute meetings.  Many of us schedule meetings back to back, so please be on time.  Passes will be sent to the student directly allowing them to leave class to come to their meeting.

We are including a link to view the Class of 2018 Power Point with voice-over which may answer many questions.  Junior year is a big year with a lot of "to-do's" for students.  Hopefully, the meeting helps set the stage for a very positive senior year.  Yes, senior year is right around the corner!!

Here are all the handouts and links for information pertaining to Junior Advisement Meetings:

As I said, Junior year is a big year - with LOTS of information.  Sorry to overwhelm you, but wanted you to have access to everything in one place.  

Then when you have wrapped everything up, you can say...