Monday, February 4, 2019

Course Verification Information 19-20

Revised & Updated from 2018

It is that time of year again where you have now received your course recommendations for the upcoming school year.  The counseling team fully believes that you should analyze how this year has gone for you and determine how to achieve a better balance in the future.  Now more than ever, you need to consider your options and what you can realistically handle in the coming school year.  It is quite important to take into consideration your responsibilities for each course.  It is equally important to make sure you are maintaining a healthy balance in your life and factoring in down-time as a part of your day.  Academics are just one piece.  

Recently, there was an article published (Children Need Balance Article) advising parents to help their children balance their lives.  They need guidance in this area.  We are seeing far too many students who are stressed, angry, overwhelmed, and feeling anxious.  Students need help making appropriate course choices for the upcoming year.  What is right for one student may not be right for another.  With that said, now is the time to begin discussing what next year might look like.

The counseling office has one document that outlines the process for all courses that might require an application such as Yearbook, Newspaper, Work Based Learning, Peer Leadership, Online Classes, Dual Enrollment, etc.  There are many classes a student can take but they first must be approved.  There is a process for all of them.  You can find that information here:Application Courses & Processes 19-20.  They are each listed alphabetically.  We encourage you to make sure you have followed the steps.

Students interested in online courses must complete all steps of the process no later than March 15th.  Fulton Virtual School and Georgia Virtual's registration portals do not open up for registrations for the 19-20 school year until March 1.  Contracts are are available on March 1st in the counseling office. See flow chart for complete details.  Flowchart 19-20  All students who plan to take an online class must do 3 things: submit an online contract to the counseling office, complete the online Google Form in the counseling office, and register for the course through the proper portal (FVS or GAVS).  If  you do not do these things by the March 15th deadline, you will not be approved for online classes for the next school year.

Dual Enrollment
 is equally as strict with their processes.  It is lengthy, but worth it.  The deadline is March 30th to apply to the college as well as submit the Fulton County Schools DE Contract.  We have moved to a process on Google Classroom.  All information and power point can be found on the CHS Dual Enrollment Website. want free college??  Gotta jump through a lot of hoops!  You can do it!

Please note that on the course verification sheet, you cannot just scratch out a course and add a course that requires approval (see list of application courses above).  Once the application/process has been approved then the course gets added at a later date.  In the meantime, students should choose an elective from the back of their verification sheet, including some alternates in case a course becomes full or does not work logistically with their schedule.  

Students wishing to take a summer school course to satisfy a graduation requirement: please note that course will not be removed from your verification until we receive your passing Summer course grade.  Counselors are back early enough in the summer to make changes at that time.  What you can do is write notes on your verification form giving us insight as to what you would want to take out of your schedule once you complete the summer course.  Example:  US History (graduation requirement) is being taken over the summer in order to make room for AP European History.  US History will stay on your verification for now, but AP European will be listed as its alternate.  Then when we receive your passing grade for US History in the summer, we will replace it with AP European History.  We will not remove a graduation requirement to accommodate an elective.   We love you, but we want you to graduate on time.  

Summer school registration will begin on March 1st.  No paperwork in the counseling office is required to take summer classes. 

We appreciate the questions. Here are upcoming scheduling help sessions (below).

STUDENT WALK IN DATES: We are available for STUDENTS to drop in for quick advising on the remaining dates:  February 6, March 6, and March 13 in G125 during all lunch periods.  No pass is needed to come to G125 for assistance.  Bring your verification form with you when you come.

PARENT WALK IN DATES:  We are available for PARENTS to drop in for quick advising on these dates:  February 7 and March 13 in the Media Center between 5 - 7pm.  Again, bring your child's verification form with you.