Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Course Verification Process

The new year may have already come and gone, but next school year is right around the corner!  Let's talk logistics.  Let's plan for what's to come!!!  Everyone has received a copy of their course verifications for the upcoming school year.  It seems there are many questions about the process to take certain classes, so here are the basics!

Your next verification will go home on March 3.  They are due back with corrections by March 9.  Final course requests will go home on March 15.  
  • We've said this before, and we're saying it again - if you are not on the "Class of..." Edmodo pages, you should be.  We post a lot of information for students there.  If you are a parent, you must have your student send you the link to add you.  If you are a student and have not joined your Class page, you need to stop by the counseling office and get the most up to date Edmodo code.  Once you join, you will receive information through your senior year.  It's one and done!
  • If you had more than 6 credits listed on your verification it is because teachers gave you multiple choices for courses.  For example you may have been recommended for 2 sciences or 2 social studies courses.  You must scratch out the classes you do not wish to take, keeping in mind you must have the required courses for graduation and a total of 6 need to be listed.  You are welcome to write "alternate" down for any extra classes in the event something does not work out logistically. Gotta make some tough choices or the scheduling team will do it for you. 😊
  • If you wrote any course on your verification form that requires an application such as: 
    • Teacher Aid, Office Aid, or Work Based Learning - You must complete the interest survey & then if deemed eligible by Ms. Crockett you will receive a formal more lengthy application to complete.  Until all of those steps are complete, it will not be added to your course requests.  Here is a link to the WBL interest survey: Interest Survey for WBL (TA, Office Aid, Off Campus Employment) 
    • There are 2 Advanced Placement courses that required an application no later than February 21st.  AP Capstone and AP Computer Science Principles.  You cannot write these on your verification form, you must complete the online application AND be accepted into the class before it will be added.  Advanced Placement Applications and Information
    • Any other Advanced Placement course or Honors course that you were NOT recommended for and did not appear on your verification but you want to take, you can scratch out a course on your verification and ADD the AP or Honors course you wish to take.  Your parent and you must sign the bottom of the verification form.  The course will only be added IF you meet the district placement guidelines.  You can check out the placement criteria for individual courses in the Course Directory.  Hooch Course Catalog for 17-18 school year
    • Classes such as Internship, Musical Theater, Yearbook, Newspaper, Directed Study etc will not show up on your verification form until the scheduling team receives approval that you can take that course.  We will typically receive one list from the teacher in charge of that area and move all students at one time. Here is the Directed Study application that needs to be submitted to Ms. Pair:  Directed Study Application
  • If you want to take an online course during the school year (fall or spring semester), you cannot write that on your verification form.  You will need to follow the online course registration process which will be available in the counseling office on March 1st.  It will be first come, first serve and spots are limited.  Deadline to submit contracts is March 9.
  • If you want to take a class over the summer in order to make room for something else in your schedule.  The required course will not be deleted from your verification until we receive proof that you completed and passed the course over the summer.  Your courses will not change until then.  You can sign up for summer classes starting on March 1st through Fulton Virtual School or Georgia Virtual School.  Counselors will still have to approve those, but no contract is required to turn in.
    Link for Fulton Virtual School: Fulton Virtual School
    Link for Georgia Virtual School: Georgia Virtual School
  • College courses will not be added until the student has been accepted to the college AND has registered for courses at the college.  You leave on your current recommendation and then once you are registered/accepted at the college, the counselor will make the change.  If you have any questions about the MOWR process there is an AWESOME website that details the steps and answers all frequently asked questions. MOWR Information Website
  • If you did not indicate alternatives to your application driven courses, or if you did not select classes adding up to 6.0 credits, the scheduling team may select high school courses for you. You can update your corrections during the second round of verifications.
  • Keep in mind BALANCE is key.  It does you no good to take a ton of rigorous courses and then get below average grades.  It will only hurt your GPA and impact college admission chances.  Be smart!  Take what is appropriate for YOU and what you can realistically handle.  Best fit for you may be different than someone else.  That is OK.  It is best to take less rigor and get A's then take a lot of rigor and get C's.  Choose wisely!
  • Counselor SUPPORT DAYS!!!  Got a question??  Students can drop in to get their questions answered on March 6 & 8th in G125 during all lunch periods. Note: even if you meet with your counselor during those dates, they cannot add an "application" course to your schedule.  We have to wait for you to be approved before adding anything, so make sure you select alternate, non-application/audition based electives for your verification. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Common Application Essay Prompts for 17-18 School Year

You are in luck!  The Common Application Essay prompts for the upcoming school year have been released for viewing.  Check out the 17-18 Essay Prompts

Please take a look at this site if you are applying to any school that utilizes this process.  Almost 700 colleges and universities use Common Application - check out the list of schools here: Click here to explore colleges who use Common Application

There are many helpful videos that Common Application also showcases on their website - take a look here:  Common Application Helpful Videos

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Financial Aid Information

Each year the Counseling Office hosts a Financial Aid Information night.

The biggest thing to know is to get started early and don't miss deadlines!  Deadlines for admission may be different than deadlines for financial aid.  

Both presentations are on the Chattahoochee High School website.  Here they are as well:

Financial Aid Information Part 1: GSFC Presentation click here
Financial Aid Information Part 2:  CHS Presentation click here 

There is some overlap in the presentation, but all good information.

On the CHS counseling page, there are scholarships that are posted.  The nominated scholarships are very specific and competitive.  Any student interested must complete the information by the deadline.  Here is the link for nominated scholarships:  Nominated Scholarships Link

Here is the list of all scholarships that are sent to us in Alphabetical order: Hooch Scholarship List

We highly recommend joining the Hooch Twitter, Facebook, and Edmodo pages.  All information is posted on social media as soon as it becomes available.  If a student has not joined the "class of..." Edmodo page which is structured through the counseling office, they should do so.  The codes are located in the counseling office right in front of Mrs. Cochran's desk.  They change every two weeks.  Edmodo codes cannot be sent via email.  Once a student joins a group, they will remain a member through graduation.  They do not have to rejoin each year.  If a parent would like to be part of their child's Edmodo group, the student must send the link to their parents for them to join as well.  A lot of information is sent through Edmodo.

Other helpful information (image below).  When thinking about "financial aid", it is not just loans.  Any money given to a student to assist in paying for college is considered financial aid such as loans, grants, institutional aid, HOPE, Zell Miller, other scholarships, etc.  This is also an excellent resource for scholarship information:  College Scholarships Link

Please reach out to your child's counselor if you have questions.  Some things we can answer, some things you really need to talk directly to the college financial aid office or directly to Georgia Student Finance Commission.