Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Financial Aid Night!!

We hope you can come to the Financial Aid Night which is hosted by the Counseling Office on Monday, October 1, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. A representative from the Georgia Student Finance Commission will be on hand to explain the FAFSA, HOPE, HOPE Grant, and Zell Miller Scholarship.  She will also be able to answer any questions you might have about the process for obtaining aid.

Here is what will be discussed that night:
Georgia Student Finance Commission Presentation - GSFC Presentation

This powerpoint is additional information pertaining to scholarships and the CSS profile:
Dream Big Powerpoint - CHS Financial Aid Night Power Point

We look forward to seeing you then! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Requesting Counselor Recommendations

It's the time of year again when you are needing to start the process of applying to college.  The counseling team hosted a senior parent night on August 30.  We will host students for an information session on September 6 during the beginning of all lunch periods.  It is important that you attend a session to get the steps for you to work through this process with ease.  In the event you cannot make it on Thursday, here is a link to the presentation: Senior Information Presentation

Also, if you have not yet joined the Counselor Remind App - you should do so.  We send out quick announcements occasionally and we know you want to be in the loop.  Here is the link for that:  Class of 2019 - Join Remind

We have changed the process to request a counselor recommendation.  We have attempted to streamline this process and hopefully make it easy for you to do from home, rather than having to come into our office for each step.  Counselors are using Google Classroom for information purposes.  You must join YOUR counselor's Google Classroom link, not any other counselor or it will be declined.

**  Teacher recommendations are requested directly from the teacher.  The process to obtain a teacher recommendation does not go through the counseling office.

Keep in mind MANY colleges do not need a counselor recommendation.  This process only applies to students who DO need a counselor recommendation or school report completed.  If your college does not ask for one, then you do not need to follow this process.  However, if you do need a counselor recommendation or a school report here are the steps to request one.

Step 1:
Go to your FCS Launchpad account.  FCS Launchpad Site

Step 2: 
Click on the Google Classroom icon.

Step 3:
Click "Join Class" at the top right.

Step 4:
It will ask for your class code.  This is where you make sure you are joining YOUR counselor's "classroom".   You must go through your Launchpad account using your Fulton County email.

Mrs. Chilson - Last Names (A - Deo) - 9ydwhy2
Mrs. Johnson - Last Names (Der - Hei) - tyt7exh
Ms. Vemuri - Last Names (Hen - McD) - bmzt5uo
Ms. Blount - Last Names (McG - Sa) - zewqr6
Mrs. Jones - Last Names (Sc - Z) - nfgdcz4

Step 5:
Once you are logged into your counselor's Google Classroom, it will detail steps to upload a student profile, complete a Google Doc Form for requesting recommendations, and explain the process for requesting a transcript.  If the student profile is not complete, we cannot write your recommendation.  Make sure you follow through on all the steps provided.

Step 6:
Make sure you entered your counselor's email address into the application.  This is how the counselor gets the link to submit your recommendation.  We do not get links from students, it comes from the organization directly.  We fill it out and submit electronically.  Google Classroom describes how to handle the paper copy recommendations.

Lastly, all counselors require 10 school days to submit recommendations.  Please adhere to those deadlines.  Here are some of the important dates, this is not an exhaustive list of college deadlines - only some of the more popular deadlines:

•October 15th deadline – students must submit requests no later than September 27th
•November 1st deadline – students must submit requests no later than October 18th
•December 1st deadline – students must submit requests no later than November 9th
•January 1st deadline – students must submit requests no later than December 7th

Keep positive thoughts as you go through this process.  You have done the hard work, all you can do at this point is follow through on your plan, including having a back up option.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Introducing Ms. Vemuri

The counseling office has added a dynamic new member to our team.  We have fallen in love with her and we know you will too.  I hope you will take a minute to welcome Ms. Navina Vemuri to the Hooch Family!  Just for fun I made her answer some very important questions and several of her responses are eye opening for sure.  Who doesn't like Hershey's chocolate??
Favorite candy: Anything with chocolate, except for Hershey's
Favorite snack: BBQ Chips
Favorite store to Shop: TJ Maxx
Favorite movie: The Namesake
Favorite book or author: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The alphabet breakdown for Counselor assignments has slightly changed, so please note your student's Counselor below based on student last name. 
Mrs. Chilson - A - Deo
Mrs. Johnson - Der - Hei
Ms. Vemuri - Hen - McD
Ms. Blount - McG - Sa
Mrs. Jones - Sc - Z

Letter from Ms. Vemuri:
Hi Cougars!  My name is Navina Vemuri and I am the new school counselor here at Chattahoochee High School! I'm excited to be here and to work with this great community!  I'm originally from Germany, but have lived in the US for more than half of my life. Luckily, I am able to regularly visit my home country, since both my parents and my family still live there. I am also part Indian and am super proud of this part of my identity.  I love the food, the culture and music - right now I'm even learning Bharatnatyam dance! I went to the University of Connecticut for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in International Relations. At one point, I wanted to work for the United Nations, but things have changed since then. Most recently, I received my Masters of Education in School Counseling from Georgia State University. In my free time I like to travel, play soccer, hang out with my friends and go for a run. Stop by my office anytime, I love meeting new people and learning from those around me!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Senior Meeting Details 4/18/18

A senior meeting was held today - April 18th regarding all of the expectations you need to be aware of prior to our graduation ceremony on May 25th.  Make sure you have completed all the tasks below.

  • Make sure you are passing all of your coursework this semester!  If you do not pass the required classes necessary for graduation, you will not be permitted to walk in the graduation ceremony or earn your diploma until required credits are successfully completed.

  • Class of 2018 Information - This link will detail all of the information regarding graduation practice, the graduation ceremony, honor cords, purchasing extra tickets, purchasing cap and gown, etc.  Please make sure to familiarize yourself with these details.

  • Yellow Senior Final Checkout Form - Pick up in the Counseling Office if you did not get one at the meeting.  This is a yellow form that must be completed no later than May 18.  What does it ask you to do?  
    • Request your final transcript through www.parchment.com.  The college you plan to attend does not know you have graduated until they receive your final transcript.  Please make sure you submit your final transcript request through Parchment.  When you submit your request, you can indicate "Hold for Grades" so that your transcript is submitted after this semester grades have been added. 
    • Complete the Fulton County Exit Survey at this link https://fultonschools.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bHn7VQyW15ZTYB7
    • Complete the name pronunciation form at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQ2M5QsYnaJAL4HSX07wHehUwc5b9Q733lWNNxprwqH8HuLQ/viewform.  All students are required to submit a name pronunciation form.  
    • Submit all copies of verified scholarships that have been offered (even if you do not plan to accept the offer or attend the college) to Mrs. Jensen in the counseling office.  If you do not turn these in by May 18, they will not be announced at graduation.
    • Submit all copies of college admission offers you have received, even if you do not plan to attend the college.  These are due by May 18.  These may be copies of letters, emails or any other official printout from the college/university.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Summer School 2018


Website - Summer School.png

**The Bus for Face-to-Face Summer School will depart from the covered bus loop at Chattahoochee at 7:38AM.  Summer school at Northview High School begins at 8:30AM.  Afternoon drop-off at CHS is approximately 12:50PM**​
Summer School for Face-to-Face, Fulton Virtual, and Georgia Virtual Registration is open!  Summer School is an opportunity for high school students to accelerate or recover credits during the summer.  Face-to-face facilitation and at home virtual offerings exist. The summer sessions are condensed versions of content provided during the school year, and students must have their course requests approved by their counselor before being enrolled.  Summer school registration does not require an online contract.  All face-to-face and virtual students who are taking an EOC course must participate in EOC testing which will take place at the Summer School site.  ​​
  • Face-to-Face Facilitation:
    • Hosted at Northview High School, with transportation provided if needed (see info above). 
    • A subject area teacher serves as the facilitator for the course and the content is completed online.  Face-to-face facilitation provides a designated time, location, and the technology needed for students to complete courses.
    • All EOC courses (9th Lit, 11th Lit, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, Physical Science, US History, and Economics) plus Personal Fitness are available for students who have previously failed that specific course(s). 
    • For students who want to accelerate, the only courses available to take for the first time in the face-to-face setting are Economics and Personal Fitness.
    • ​Students are only ​​allowed to take ONE content area during Face-to-Face Summer School. 
    • Students who have previously failed a course (recovery) may take up to two credits at no cost, but for Face-to-Face Summer School it must be in the same content area - or a student could take one content area through Face-to-Face and do a different content area through Fulton Virtual School.  
    • Students who are taking a course for the first time (accelerating) will not be able to do so through Face-to-Face Summer School, unless it is Economics or Personal Fitness.  Those are the only options for first-time courses in-person.  The tuition is $225 per 0.5 credit ($180 per 0.5 credit for students approved for free/reduced lunch).
    • Course dates are June 11th - July 13th.  Personal Fitness will only meet June 11th – June 29th.  All EOC testing occurs July 12th – 13th.  
    • School will be closed July 4th through July 6th for Independence Day. 
    • Late Registration:  June 4th - 8th.  Face-to-face students will be able to register in person at Northview HS during this window.  Students will not be able to register for classes that are already full.
    • For more information and to register for face-to-face courses, please visit:  https://www.fultonschools.org/SummerSchool.
  • Fulton Virtual:
    • Available for recovery or acceleration
    • All content is completed online at home
    • Students who have previously failed that specific course(s) are eligible to take up to two credits at no cost. 
    • Students who are taking a course for the first time (accelerating) must pay tuition at the rate of $225 per 0.5 credit ($180 per 0.5 credit for students approved for free/reduced lunch).
    • Course dates and times are June 4th – July 13th.  EOC testing occurs July 12th – 13th at Northview High School.  School will be closed July 4th for Independence Day. 
    • Deadline is June 1st and Late Registration is June 4th - 8th.  After June 1st, Students will not be able to register for classes that are already full.
    • ​There are strict completion benchmarks for online summer courses.  If a student is not making adequate progress they will be dropped from the course with no refund:
      • 33% complete by 6/15 at 11:59PM
      • 50% complete by 6/22 at 11:59PM
      • 67% complete by 6/29 at 11:59PM
    • ​​For more information and to register for Fulton Virtual courses, please visit: https://www.fultonschools.org/FultonVirtual
  • GA Virtual:
    • Available for recovery or acceleration
    • All content is completed online at home
    • Both students who have previously failed a course(s) and students who are taking a course for the first time (accelerating) must pay tuition at the rate of $250 per 0.5 credit if choosing to go through GA Virtual.
    • Course dates for the 6-week session are June 4th – July 12th  and for the 5-week session are June 11th – July 12th.  EOC testing occurs July 12th – 13th at Northview High School.
    • For more information and to register for GA Virtual courses, please visit:  http://www.gavirtualschool.org/
** We advise students to only attempt 0.5 or 1.0 credit of summer courses. **
  • 1 semester long course (0.5 credit) requires about 3 hours of work a day
  • 1 year long course (1.0 credit) requires about 6 hours of work a day
  • Expect 6 to 9 hours of work a day if your student enrolls in an accelerated math course​​
​​**Other Important Information**
Please also note that for high school students there are specific promotion requirements which are based on the number of credits a student has earned.  You can check your student's transcript on Home Access Center on the "Grades" tab, then click on "Transcript."  You will need to add up all the credits earned each semester to get the total number of credits earned.  Promotion requirements for each grade level are below.  If your student falls short on credits, then please know they will not be promoted to the next grade level and they will be assigned to the previous grade level homeroom.  
  • ​Students must have at least 5 credits by the end of July in order to be promoted to 10th Grade
  • Students must have at least 11 credits by the end of July in order to be promoted to 11th Grade
  • Students must have at least 17 credits by the end of July in order to be promoted to 12th Grade 
​Promotions are not made in the middle of the school year unless the student is graduating that year (e.g. May 2019).  

Once a student registers for Summer School, it will come to a CHS counselor for approval.  

Monday, March 5, 2018

Join the Hooch Counselors on Remind 101

Have you been feeling out of the loop?  Missing information?  Finding out at the last minute about opportunities?  Now's your chance to be in the know!  The Counseling Office is utilizing the Remind 101 app for announcements to students.  Please sign up to get information from us.  We will not be using this for day to day announcements, only for the most pertinent information and deadlines.  Take advantage of this service.

It is easy-peasy to sign up.  You should sign up based on your grade level.  Once you are registered, you do not need to re-register at any time.  It will follow you through graduation. 

Just text your code to 81010 and Bam!  You are registered for reminders from the Counseling Office. 

Current Juniors – Class of 2019
Text @3g76ak to 81010

Current Sophomores – Class of 2020
Text @74d77k to 81010

Current Freshmen – Class of 2021
Text @6g6493 to 81010

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Course Verification Season!

It is that time of year again where you have now received your course recommendations for the upcoming school year.  The counseling team fully believes that you should analyze how this year has gone for you and determine how to achieve a better balance in the future.  Now more than ever, you need to consider your options and what you can realistically handle in the coming school year.  It is quite important to take into consideration your responsibilities for each course.  It is equally important to make sure you are maintaining a healthy balance in your life and factoring in down-time as a part of your day.  Academics are just one piece.  

Recently, there was an article published (Children Need Balance Article) advising parents to help their children balance their lives.  They need guidance in this area.  We are seeing far too many students who are stressed, angry, overwhelmed, and feeling anxious.  Students need help making appropriate course choices for the upcoming year.  What is right for one student may not be right for another.  With that said, now is the time to begin discussing what next year might look like.

This year, the counseling office has one document that outlines the process for all courses that might require an application such as Yearbook, Newspaper, Work Based Learning, Peer Leadership, Online Classes, Dual Enrollment, etc.  There are many classes a student can take but they first must be approved.  There is a process for all of them.  You can find that information here:  Application Courses & Processes 18-19.  They are each listed alphabetically.  We encourage you to make sure you have followed the steps.

Students interested in online courses must complete the process no later than March 13th.  Applying for online classes is a two step process.  Complete the CHS Online Contract AND register for the online class. Applications available on March 1st in the counseling office. See flow chart for complete details.  Flowchart  All students who plan to take an online class must submit an online contract to the counseling office no later than March 13th and complete the online google form in the counseling office (Step 1).  If  you do not submit a contract by the March 13th deadline, you will not be approved for online learning.  Students who plan to take classes through Fulton Virtual School must register for their class between March 1 – 13th (Step 2).  Students who plan to take classes through Georgia Virtual School must register for their class between March 15-30th (Step 2).

Dual Enrollment
is equally as strict with their processes.  It is lengthy, but worth it.  The deadline is March 30th.  Students can pick up a step by step packet in our office.  There is also information at this address:  CHS Dual Enrollment Website.  Hey...you want free college??  Gotta jump through a lot of hoops!  You can do it!

Please note that on the course verification sheet, you cannot just scratch out a course an add a course that requires approval (see list of application courses above).  Once the application/process has been approved then the course gets added at a later date.  In the meantime, students should choose an elective from the back of their verification sheet, including some alternates in case a course becomes full or does not work logistically with their schedule.  

Students wishing to take a summer school course, please note that course will not be removed from your verification until we know you have satisfactorily completed the course.  Counselors are back early enough in the summer to make changes at that time.  What you can do is write notes on your verification form giving us insight as to what you would want to take out of your schedule once you complete the summer course.  Example:  US History is being taken over the summer in order to make room for AP European History.    US History is a graduation requirement.  We will not remove a graduation requirement to accommodate an elective.   We love you, but we want you to graduate on time.  

Summer school registration will begin on March 1st.  No paperwork in the counseling office is required to take summer classes. 

We appreciate the questions.  We are available for students to drop in for quick advising on the remaining dates:  February 20th during 4th & 5th period and March 6th during 4th and 5th period.  These are held in the Media Center.  Bring your verification form with you when you come.