Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Senior Meeting Details 4/18/18

A senior meeting was held today - April 18th regarding all of the expectations you need to be aware of prior to our graduation ceremony on May 25th.  Make sure you have completed all the tasks below.

  • Make sure you are passing all of your coursework this semester!  If you do not pass the required classes necessary for graduation, you will not be permitted to walk in the graduation ceremony or earn your diploma until required credits are successfully completed.

  • Class of 2018 Information - This link will detail all of the information regarding graduation practice, the graduation ceremony, honor cords, purchasing extra tickets, purchasing cap and gown, etc.  Please make sure to familiarize yourself with these details.

  • Yellow Senior Final Checkout Form - Pick up in the Counseling Office if you did not get one at the meeting.  This is a yellow form that must be completed no later than May 18.  What does it ask you to do?  
    • Request your final transcript through  The college you plan to attend does not know you have graduated until they receive your final transcript.  Please make sure you submit your final transcript request through Parchment.  When you submit your request, you can indicate "Hold for Grades" so that your transcript is submitted after this semester grades have been added. 
    • Complete the Fulton County Exit Survey at this link
    • Complete the name pronunciation form at this link:  All students are required to submit a name pronunciation form.  
    • Submit all copies of verified scholarships that have been offered (even if you do not plan to accept the offer or attend the college) to Mrs. Jensen in the counseling office.  If you do not turn these in by May 18, they will not be announced at graduation.
    • Submit all copies of college admission offers you have received, even if you do not plan to attend the college.  These are due by May 18.  These may be copies of letters, emails or any other official printout from the college/university.  

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